At Paleo we believe in positive change and impact

We develop functional meat and fish proteins through precision fermentation.

When added to plant-based products our ingredients create an ultimate meat or fish experience by increasing the sensorial experience and the nutritional value.

Meat texture
Chickens in nature

Animal welfare

Reducing animal suffering is not an ambition. It’s a given. Paleo does not use animals in any way, shape or form for its production of ingredients.


Meat has a major impact on our environment. Paleo uses science to produce ingredients that require 5x less energy, 10x less water and 100x less use of land. Using renewable energy to power production we dramatically decrease the burden on our planet.


Paleo carefully selects what makes meat and fish tasty and healthy. Nothing more, nothing less. So no need for antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones or toxins.

Fish Tuna


Hermes Sanctorum
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Hermes Sanctorum, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

"As a former politician, I am proud that I made an impact on animal suffering and the environment. However, politics cannot change everything, and real action is needed. The only way to reduce impact of meat production and fishing, is to offer consumers a tasty and healthy alternative for meat and fish. That is what Paleo is all about."

Andy de Jong
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Andy de Jong, MD

Chief Operating Officer

"Improved food safety and better health, Paleo aims high. Avoiding antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones and toxins, we take care of you. Our process of producing food ingredients is faster, cleaner and more efficient than raising animals. Done right, using renewable energy, it cuts the environmental burden by using fewer resources."

Elsa Lauwers
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Elsa Lauwers, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

"At Paleo we leverage the most recent scientific advances to reverse-engineer what gives meat and fish their taste, texture and nutritional value. We use deep insights into protein stability and lipid metabolism to produce precisely these ingredients in a clean and efficient way. As a molecular biologist, I am excited to contribute to developing safe, sustainable food that meets the needs of future generations."

Luc Robijns
Head of Business Development

"It is Paleo’s mission to be a game changer in today’s food industry and to have a highly positive impact on our planet. That makes it a challenging company to work for. My focus is on understanding the drivers of our business environment and on building long-term relationships with B2B customers and partners."

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