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We make
animal proteins,
without animals

A game changer in today’s international food industry

Paleo helps plant-based food manufacturers make their meat and fish alternatives tastier and healthier. We want food production to be more ethical and sustainable. No killing of animals and less use of land, water and energy. No antibiotics or hormones. We are the first heme manufacturer able to offer a portfolio of the most popular meat and fish tastes, and the first to offer a GMO-free product.

Plant-based food that tastes like meat or fish, with the same nutritional value

Paleo creates animal-free heme proteins through precision fermentation for plant-based meat and fish alternatives. We help food manufacturers convince flexitarian consumers by making their products look, smell and taste like the real deal, with the same nutritional value.

Stop animal suffering and environmental degradation

Paleo wants food production to be more ethical and sustainable. Consumers may never swear off the experience of eating meat. In order to stop animal suffering, environmental degradation and food poverty, we need clever innovation in what nature offers. Precision fermentation using yeasts has a positive impact on people, animals and the planet.

Innovative precision fermentation guarantees animal-free and GMO-free ingredients

Our unique precision fermentation process ensures that the desired heme proteins are transported outside the yeast cells. This allows for production efficiency and also guarantees that our ingredients do not contain any genetically modified organisms or recombinant DNA.

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