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Make plant-based food tastier and healthier

Make food production more ethical and sustainable

Why we do what we do at Paleo? We want to be a game-changer in today’s international food industry. We want to help plant-based food manufacturers make their products tastier and healthier. And we especially want food production to be more ethical and sustainable. No killing of animals and less use of land, water and energy. No need to use toxins, antibiotics or hormones.

The taste of meat and fish is so powerful and so embedded in human cultures that consumers may never swear off it, especially with currently available products. At Paleo, we simply won’t wait until everyone shifts to a plant-based diet.

Clever innovation for a positive impact on people, animals and the planet

Precision fermentation uses only a fraction of the land, feedstock, energy and water required for animal farming, while emitting far less greenhouse gases.

At Paleo, we optimize our process development by leveraging data from our proprietary Life Cycle Assessment model, ensuring a minimal environmental impact.

In order to stop animal suffering, environmental degradation and food poverty, we need clever innovation in what nature offers. Yeasts are our best friends. They help us have a positive impact on people, animals and the planet.   

Many businesses in the world of fish and meat replacement are in search of a breakthrough solution. That’s where Paleo comes in.

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